Julie Zhu

Legally known as 朱芊语 (Qianyu Zhu).


Photo cr. Momoe

I’m a Computational Science and Engineering Ph.D. student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working with Professor Youssef Marzouk in the Uncertainty Quantification group. Prior to that, I did my undergrad at NYU Shanghai, where I was fortunate to receive research training under the guidance of Professor Siran Li and Professor Hao Ni. During 2021–2022 I studyed in New York and did research on optimal control advised by Professor Georg Stadler, who led me to the spectacular world of computational math. In 2023, I obtained my B.S. degree (Honors Mathematics and Data Science).

My research interest is three-fold: randomness, information, and theory & application. I am excited about everything with a random nature, including uncertain objects (noisy data, dynamical systems), randomized methods (MCMC, Bayesian Inference), and food Safari. Beneath the chaos are always universal governing rules.


Jul 18, 2023 My new homepage is online. :blush: